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Love, Unity, Covenant Combo Package (3 Volumes)

Love-Unity-Covenant-Series-ComboIn this foundational Kingdom teaching…”A Love That Never Fails,” Bishop Terrell L. Murphy returns the heart of the church back to the most important aspect of being a believer…AGAPE LOVE, which is self-sacrificing, voluntary and unconditional! God is Love. He who does not know Love does not know God, and the only way the world can know that we are Believers is by the Love we show one to another. Everything we do must have Love as its motive.

Bishop Terrell L. Murphy illuminates a major key to the effectiveness of our individual lives and the church universal in these messages of unity. He methodically teaches how the Body of Christ must promote the welfare of others and how coming together as ONE pleases the heart of God!

Covenant requires us to embrace the leader and leadership structure that God has set over the local church; have a unified relationship with the vision and the direction of the ministry; and show genuine love by not giving up on our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Covenant Keepers cover the ministry and promise to support, love, serve, and be pillar protectors. Our joining together in unity forges a similar identity, perception, judgement, vision, and agenda to advance God’s Kingdom. In this series, Bishop Murphy expounds on the writings of Apostle John Tetsola whereby it is clearly articulated that true covenant that fulfills the will of the Father will manifest in a community of love and unity that cannot be broken.


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