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The Python Spirit

The move of God in the life of the church and in the lives of individuals is often challenging to say the least.  In this journey there often enters in obstacles that war against our progress leaving many frustrated, confused, distraught and even hopeless.  What is more overwhelming is not being able to identify what it is that we are battling against.

Apostle Terrell enlightens the believer on a very common and present day enemy, The Python Spirit.  Its activation is most often when it sees the move of God ushering ministries and individuals into the promises of God.  When the people of God begin to advance in their growth and maturity as well as new dimensions of understanding, knowledge and application The Python Spirit has as its mission the squeezing the breath or the “spirit life” out of a move of God.  It has killed many destinies and ministries.  Its objective—To Choke Out whatever and whoever is advancing the Kingdom of God.

This resource explains The Python Spirit, how he enters in and what he is after.  Apostle Terrell leads you though an activation to break his grip on your life, the life of your ministry and the region you have been planted in.  Get your breath back.

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