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The Shift into the Apostolic Combo Package (Volumes 1 & 2)

The-Shift-into-the-Apostolic-Combo-PackageJesus’ descent into hell and His ascent to the right hand of the Father has restored to all of creation a divine order in which the Kingdom of God can manifest. Through the gifts of the five-fold ministry, its operation assures that the universal Church is a ruling, overcoming instrument in the world. God is restoring that order in the earth beginning with first, the Apostles. The body of Christ has settled for ministry that is limited by the traditional pastoral model. While that understanding served its dispensational purpose, this model has not empowered saints to fully operate in their destiny; it has also created an unhealthy dependence on the pulpit to do what every believer has the authority to manifest. With an elevated perspective, Bishop Terrell L. Murphy raises the consciousness of the universal Church by putting The Body into gear, commanding a shift into the apostolic dimension.

The revelation contained in this series is fundamental to the identity of the Church pertaining to the individual, the community, and in the world. There is a functional governmental power that Bishop Murphy teaches about which gives believers access and authority to higher dimensions and breaks the patterns of operating in dysfunctional”ism.” Bishop Murphy’s instructions is paced, concise, and clear making open this glorious mystery of the church. Can you conceive that you and your eternal purpose is limitless and cannot be assailed? This shift provides you with grace to engage principalities and ruling authorities over regional and spiritual territories. The ministry that Jesus engaged in can only be initiated through this shift and once you have received this impartation you will embrace and pursue what ultimately Jesus cane to fulfill.

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